Fuck this.

Let me start with a bit of cultural background. My parents are New Yorkers, and I grew up in Miami. Enough said. The language spoken around me throughout my childhood was certainly colorful, and I learned to appreciate expletives. I was certainly not allowed to use such words as a child, but I had enough exposure to have a quality education in the timing and effectiveness that certain words offered.

Today, I would like to focus on one particular word. Fuck. This word is one of the most amazing words to ever be adopted by English speakers. Other countries have words that serve as their equivalent; however, I truly think that the exquisiteness of the word “fuck” is superior to any other word in any other language. I will skip over the discussion of how it can serve as almost any part of speech. My main purpose of this rant is to raise awareness of how the word “fuck” rocks the minds of so many.

For many years, I censored my “potty mouth,” depending on the company I was with. I spent time actually concerned with others’ perception of me based on my usage of the word. I suppose my current mid-life crisis has granted me the freedom to set my mouth free. Some people don’t even blink when I say “fuck.” I immediately feel a kindred spirit connection to those (even if they are the total embodiment of evil).

I tend to be a somewhat confrontational person. OK, I can be a seriously major bitch if I am given a satisfactory adversary who needs a beneficial smack down. So, I tend to include “fuck” and other expletives in my attacks. The words are usually dispersed within a cohesive, usually intelligent argument.

On to my intended point of this post. What the fuck is wrong with the word “fuck?” You can spout out the words crap, shit, damn, bitch, etc. Thanks to the orange man, you can even throw around the word pussy if you feel inclined. Ok, not really. However, if you say, “FUCK,” people act like you just ate their puppy. Their eyes widen as if they saw an alien pop out of your head.

I argued with a big oil exec last night. In the middle of the argument against fracking, I asked him how he could “fucking live with himself.” His rebuttal immediately went straight for the use of the word fuck in my statement. Never once, did he offer any response to my questions regarding his industry. He even said that my simple use of the word constituted a threat! This was a grown-ass man. I have a Master’s degree and 41 years of life, that I believe, give me the right to say fuck without being treated like I pointed a gun at a baby.

People, it is a WORD! I don’t use it around my kids. I don’t use it in a professional setting. But, in my personal life, I will say whatever the fuck I want to. People want us to take away the power of the “N” word. I have never and will never say that word in my life. Fuck is not a racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, or even political word! It is a combination of four beautiful letters, placed together, for me to use in order to better convey any message.

So, when you hear someone say the word, “Fuck,” please take a moment to analyze your mental shock. There is no commandment in the Bible that bans it. They will not go to jail for saying it, unless they insist that the word is used in the context of a forced sexual assault. That would be bad. Very bad. They aren’t beating a child. They may have a level of intelligence that is equal to your own…or far exceeds it. LET IT FUCKING GO. As a matter of fact, if you are not accustomed to saying it, try it. It can be liberating! So, let me conclude this fucking ridiculous rant. Anyone that feels as though they are better than someone who says “fuck,” go fuck yourself. And, by the way, when you post something such as, “F$&@,” everyone knows that you are saying FUCK! Spare me the random symbols and just say it. The word works. If I tell you I’m in trouble, you may wonder the level of my predicament. If I say that “I am FUCKED,” you better understand that the situation is pretty fucking serious.

Have a fucking awesome day!

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